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The Clue in the Old Ring  ~ Stephanie Rosenbaum

Twenty-one year old Sandy Connors is a very curious green-eyed blonde, whose fascination for mysteries takes her on some wild journeys.

In this first book of the Sandy Connors Mystery Series, Sandy is challenged to discover just what is the Clue in the Old Ring, and who wanted it badly enough to steal it.

In true Nancy Drew fashion, our girl detective, Sandy Connors, brave and intrepid, follows every clue to solve a puzzle, leaving no stone unturned as she moves ever forward, her mind always on the solutions.

This page turning mystery novel by Stephanie Rosenbaum will charm young adult readers and invite them into the world of Sandy Connors.

$14.95    5"x7", softbound, 198 pages.  ISBN: 978-0985665524
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