Mark Bragg

Author of Economic Conservative/Social Liberal

Danny and Geebs
Author Mark Bragg (right) with Presidential Candidate Ronald
Reagan during the campaign in 1980, at the Palmer House
in Chicago. Bragg's eventual business partner, Lyn Nofziger,
(on the left) was communications director for the campaign.



Mark Bragg has been a reporter, political consultant, developer, and businessman for more than forty years. As a young news director for CBS in Los Angeles, he became enamored of Senator George McGovern and his 1972 presidential campaign.

Leaving the station to form his own broadcast documentary syndication company, he developed a new appreciation of political dynamics: Conservatives earn the money. Liberals spend it. After working as a communications consultant on President Reagan's first presidential campaign, he stayed in the political consulting business in Washington, D.C. in partnership with Reagan Advisor Lyn Nofziger.

Upon Reagan's retirement, Bragg returned to California, where he has spent the last twenty years in real estate development, hotel ownership, and broadcast syndication. Author of Economic Conservative/Social Liberal, Bragg also founded IndependentVoters.com, a site created by political professionals and journalists to encourage people to participate in the political process outside of party structures with a focus on our economic emergency.

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