The Gingerbread Farm

Book #2 in the
Honey Baby Darlin' Series

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Honey Baby Darlin' is a multi-volume series that tracks the journey of a girl cook on a quest to create beauty, to nurture, to comfort and to please palates: to hear the sighs of the well-fed. The Gingerbread Farm is the newest instalment.

The Gingerbread Farm is Farm #2 and the latest in the HBD Series. It explores the 60s and 70s: two decades of cooking adventures - from Glory's grandfather's farm in Ohio to the Gingerbread Farm on California's beautiful Carmel Coastline. The 320 page book includes 160 recipes and a few historical nuggets, both culinary and pop-cultural.

Book Onethe Farm was the first volume in the Honey Baby Darlin' Series. It covers an intense one-year period in the early fifties. Filled with tools, pantry, recipes, and culinary observations, it's a book for people who love food, cooking, beauty, a little history, and an early-1950s wartime romance. It is carefully tended for the details of creation, filled with the love of kitchen-craft, and stocked with 108 complete recipes.

Photo: Ginna at the time the stories in Book One take place

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Gingerbread Farm created for the cover photo!


Bonnebrook Farm

Book #1 in the
Honey Baby Darlin' Series

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