Book Cover


by Ginna BB Gordon

276 pages, softbound, 6 x 9 inches
Illustrated, 108 Recipess    

Volume One in Ginna's Honey Baby Darlin' memoir series about cooking, love, and the love of cooking. Living on her grandfather's farm, a little girl takes her first steps on the journey to the art of cooking. Learn more...

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The Gingerbread Farm   
by Ginna BB Gordon

320 pages, softbound, 6 x 9 inches
Illustrated, 160 Recipess    

Volume Two in Honey Baby Darlin'. Surrounded by an array of loving characters, a young girl develops her understanding of food, the art of nurturing, and the kitchen. Learn more...

Soul Companion cover


Soul Companion: A Memoir

by Judy Hilyard, RN, MN

230 pages, 6 x 9 inches
softcover, hardcover

After a 47-year career as an ICU nurse, Judy Hilyard took a completely different road and became an Anam Aira, a soul companion, for those who have died or are in the final stages of dying. Soul Companion is the story of what Judy has learned as she cares for souls on both sides of the Veil. Learn more...

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Memoir of a journey

Aunt in the Amazon
La Tia en la selva Amazónica

by Diane Wallace

A true adventure coloring book story
in parallel English and Spanish

Illustrations by the author
80 pages, softcover, 8.5 x 11 inches

This coloring book story in Spanish and English takes you on the author's own canoe trip on the Amazon River. It's the perfect book for bilingual families with kids of all ages. The engaging and true story will inspire curiosity about the world, interest in other cultures and a desire to travel without fear. Learn more...

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Personal story/Self-help

The Emerging Healer  
by Chevonna Gaylor, LMFT

Print and eBook

112 pages, softcover, 5 x 8 inches

In this insightful narrative for therapists and mental health professionals, Chevonna Gaylor models the process of exploring your own personal story to support your growth as a healer. She shares her experiences, hoping you will consider your own. Ideas for clinical application and a processing question are provided at the end of each chapter, to stimulate your thoughts about the content.  Learn more...

Eleanor Bobbin Book Cover

Memoir of childhood

A Curious Quest
for Absolute Truth
by Sharon Mehdi

128 pages, softcover, 6.5 x 6.5"

When Sharon Mehdi was six she heard for the first time the word immortal, and on its heels, eternal and infinite. Thus were the seeds of obsession sown. Whether out of pity or exasperation, her grandmother said there was something Sharon could do so she would never die. "Write one book so filled with absolute truth it will make you immortal."This book is the poignant, irresistible, laugh-out-loud beginning of this best-selling author's Curious Quest for Absolute Truth — a journey that takes her decades longer and continents farther than she ever dreamed possible. Learn more...

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Family History

The Nealons of Table Rock  
compiled by
Katherine Nealon in 1973

244 pages, softcover, 8.5x11 inches

In 1973 Katherine Nealon compiled and wrote a history of her ancestors, who homesteaded in Southern Oregon in the 1880s. Lucky Valley Press created an exact digital facsimile of the original hand-illustrated type-written manuscript. Find it online...

Book Cover

Family History

by Richard Rawson

154 pages, 6 x 9 inches
softcover and hardcover

The compelling story of seven generations of the Rawson family, from the governing councils of Puritan Boston in the 1600s to the rich farmlands of southern Michigan two hundred years later. Learn more ...

Book Cover

Biography and Family History

by Charles Osborne

The story of S.F.B Morse,
the founder of Pebble Beach

166 pages, 6 x 9 inches
hardcover with dust jacket
75 vintage photographs

S.F.B Morse first arrived on the Monterey Peninsula in 1915, and fell in love with the pristine forested hills and spectacular Pacific coastline. There he created a playground for his wealthy sporting friends and called it "Pebble Beach." This definitive biography written by Morse's grandson, is the first time his story has been told. Learn more...

Kaden's Shells Book Cover

Fiction based closely on personal story

Penitentiary Tales: A Love Story
A novel by EA Luetkemeyer

Illustrations by the author
404 pages, softcover, 6 x 9 inches

In the 1980s, Dean Davis, a 30-something, educated, straight white male from affluent Sausalito, California, is sent to an Illinois prison filled with inmates from the mean streets of Chicago. What challenges does he meet? How does the experience affect his social and political consciousness? This witty book is an honest look at Dean's experience, but it's written with humor and is meant to be kind of a romp. As the author says, the book "will appeal to adventurous and intelligent readers of all persuasions who appreciate a literary walk on the wild side."

Learn more...

Book Cover

Personal story/Self-help

Sobrietease  by Martha Carucci

192 pages, softcover, 5 x 8 inches

For many, the word alcoholic conjures up images of the person on the street with a brown-bagged bottle. But what about the mom next to you at the PTA meeting? This is a humorous and heartfelt story about a suburban mom's journey through recovery and sobriety into a better life. Read it and weep and hopefully laugh. Learn more...

Book Cover

Memoir of a family fleeing WWII

The Journey  
by Antonius Laenen

Cover and illustrations by the author
116 pages, softcover, 6 x 9 inches

The book's subtitle says it all: "An escape from Nazi-occupied Europe during WWIIA story from a father to his children based on real life incidents." Laenen tells the heartfelt story of his family's journey from Europe to the USA to escape the Nazis. Find it on Amazon...

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