We become our past and it becomes a part of us,
 by the reliving of our beginnings.
(Wallace Stegner)

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A memoir is a collection of your memories, a story made from events you have experienced. It's different from an autobiography, which chronicles your entire life. A memoir weaves memories together and gives meaning to them. It's a narrative of reminiscences, often with a particular point of view, theme, or focus.

It might be your own personal memoirs, your family history, or the the story of your company, club or organization. We can help you tell your story.

Lucky Valley Press is a small, person-oriented book design and publication business—we are authors ourselves. We know what it is to dream of writing a book, and we can create the beautiful memoir or commemorative book you envision.

We've designed more than 70 books for independent authors, including dozens of memoirs—some for private release and others for retail distribution. We love working with material that is deeply meaningful to the author.

View a few of our recent memoir designs here...

• Our new Memoir Project is designed for "short run" printings of privately released softcover and hardcover books.

• There is no purchase or printing requirement. Once we have designed your book, you can order one copy, or five, or 500, at any time.

• We do not use one-size-fits-all design templates. To personalize the look and feel of your book, we offer custom choices of book size, layout, and typefaces. We invite your input every step of the way.

Don't miss our free webinar in March about how to publish your memoir. It's one of the many online events sponsored by Art Presence Art Gallery in Jacksonville Oregon. More details here in early February.