We are authors and we like to help authors

Since 2012 we have helped more than fifty authors get their books into print and distributed worldwide. We edit and proof manuscripts, design books from cover to cover, process and edit photos and images, manage ISBNs and other book registration duties, and prepare the material for uploading to the printer/distributor. All our services are available for print books and ebooks.  View some of our recent books here.

With Lucky Valley Press, you have total control over your book before and after publication. We partner with you every step of the way and work closely with you to make sure your book has the look and feel you imagined.

Our POD of Choice

As indie authors, designers and publishers, we usually use IngramSpark as our printer and distributor. It is a POD (print on demand) option that delivers fully integrated print and digital global distribution. It's a seamless way to make print and ebooks available to readers and book retailers around the world. (We are not affiliated with Ingram in any way. We are satisfied Ingram customers and we have used them for the printing and distribution of more than 90 print books and ebooks.)

We can help you set up your free Ingram author account, through which you manage your book and receive royalties. Learn more at: www.ingramspark.comand view a brief Ingram promo video showing the high-tech POD process. (this link goes to YouTube)

In addition to Ingram, we can produce print-ready material for other POD distributors or for any digital or offset printing facility.

Retail and Wholesale

When you publish through Ingram, your book is in global distribution and is listed by all online sellers. Your book is also available to every bookstore through their regular wholesale supplier (usually Ingram).

As author/publisher, you may purchase wholesale copies directly from Ingram at any time in any quantity. You pay basic printing cost plus shipping. (You are never required to purchase any books whatever.)

Lucky Valley Press Fee

Our fee is based on the length of your manuscript and the complexity of your project (illustrations, charts, special formatting, etc.). After an examination of your raw material and a discussion with you about your goals and ideas, we will prepare a written evaluation with a project overview, a detailed breakdown of our services and fees, and an explanation of how book size and price affect your revenue. Our evaluation is usually five or six pages.

IngramSpark Pre-Press Fees

Setting up an Ingram account is free; you pay several one-time fees only when you actually publish a book: ISBN ($85); digital file upload fee ($50); and (for print books) usually at least one test copy prior to release. That's it. (With Ingram you can view your book before publication and make edits.) Ingram also charges the author $12/year to keep a book in distribution and this is the only ongoing charge to keep your book in retail distribution.

Again, we have no business affiliation with Ingram at all. We have used Ingram for the printing and distribution of our own books, and we believe they are the best source for printing and global retail distribution online and in brick-and-mortar bookstores.

To learn more about what we can do for you, please click here to contact us.

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