Our mission is to help worthy authors get their books into print and distributed worldwide. We provide inspired solutions for editing, design, and layout, while maintaining the voice of the author and the integrity of the concept.

What we do

All our services are available for print books and ebooks. We edit and proof manuscripts, design books from cover to cover, acquire ISBNs and deal with other book registration duties, process and edit photos and images and prepare the material for uploading to the distributor.

Throughout the entire process we will work closely with you by phone, email, snail mail and text to make sure your book has the look and feel you imagined.

Our P.O.D. of choice

As indie authors, designers and publishers, we prefer to use IngramSpark as our printer and distributor. It is the only P.O.D. (print on demand) publishing option for independent authors that also delivers fully integrated print and digital global distribution through a single source. It's a seamless way to make print or ebooks available to brick-and-mortar stores and all online vendors around the world. Learn more at: www.ingramspark.com

We can also produce print-ready material for other P.O.D. distributors.

You are the publisher

You have total control over your book before and after publication. We provide all necessary design, account management and pre-press services and partner with you every step of the way through the actual release of the book. We can also help you set up the IngramSpark author account, through which you manage your book and receive royalties.


When you publish through IngramSpark, your book enters global distribution and is available at all online sellers and at bookstores through their usual wholesale channels. As author/publisher, you can purchase unlimited wholesale copies at any time.

Lucky Valley Press Fee

Our feeis based on the length and complexity of your manuscript and the ultimate contents of your book. After an examination of the manuscript and a discussion with you about your goals and ideas, we give you a written proposal with a detailed breakdown of services and costs, and a project timeline. We will also discuss the size and retail price of the book and explain how book size and price affect your revenue.

Ingramspark setup fees

ISBN ($85); file upload fee ($49); and (for print books) a test copy prior to release ($30). These fees are correct as of August 2018. Other P.O.D. services charge similar fees.

To learn more about what we can do for you, please click here to contact us.