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Economic Conservative/Social Liberal:
2016 Revised Edition
with Special Election Advisory
by Mark Bragg

The toxic atmosphere in Washington and Wall Street greed are destroying our country. There is still time to save America.

Try to imagine our country as a giant ocean liner. Try not to think of her as the Titanic. We are foundering in the storm of Depression (remember, economies don't get depressed; people get depressed). Every day, the various observers on deck (the media) keep us depressed by telling us how bad things are. No wonder we're depressed!

While we may weather the economic storm, we're going to have to do something about all that red goo that's been ļ¬lling up our holds. It's ink. If we take on enough of it, our ship will sink, and we will all drown. Meanwhile, the crewmembers on the port side of our ship (that's the left or liberal side) keep calling us over to their lifeboats with offers of free food, free life vests, and free retirement. On the starboard side (that's the extreme right or really conservative side), the crewmembers are trying to charge us for access to the lifeboats. After all, it may be an emergency, but it's still a free market

Author Mark Bragg invites you to join him and many others in the middle. There are many potential benefits, including the survival of our country. It's time to find things we can all agree on.

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Paperbound, 6 x 9 inches, 124 pages.    ISBN: 978-0-692-66732-3

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