The Little Bach Book by David Gordon

...an eclectic Omnibus of Notable Details...

160 pages, softbound, 6 x 8 inches,
82 b&w illustrations, bibliography

Bach tenor and lecturer David Gordon has created a richly illustrated collection of his favorite anecdotes, historical explanations, timelines, bits of pathos, gritty vignettes of everyday realities, and colorful stories about J.S. Bach and daily life in early 18th-century Germany.  Learn More  |  Follow on Facebook

Carmel Impresarios  by David Gordon

A cultural biography of Dene Denny and Hazel Watrous

Book Cover

408 pages, softbound, 7 x  9.5 inches
287 vintage illustrations, with maps, appendix, index
Published 2014, 2nd Edition 2017

In 1922, when Carmel, California, was a village with dirt streets, two women came to town on vacation and never left. They led the development of Carmel's music, art, theater and architecture. This biography spans a century and includes previously unpublished photos.   Learn more...

First You Grow the Pumpkin   by Ginna BB Gordon

Book Cover

160 pages, softbound, 5 x 7 inches
illustrated, 100 recipes/projects

Print and eBook
First You Grow the Pumpkin shares one woman's year-round ways of eating, feeding her family, being creative and preparing deliciousness from scratch. It is truly easier than you think. It will give you new appreciation and enthusiasm for the simple things you can do yourself. Learn more...

Jesus and the Practice of the Golden Rule
- a Book of Hours
by Art Schuller

Book Cover

198 pages, softbound, 5 x 7 inches

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Those 11 words, known as "The Golden Rule," express the core essence of compassion and love. This pocket-size book is a useful contemplative and devotional tool in the real life day-to-day practice of the Golden Rule.

It is not about doctrine; rather it is about energizing the practice of loving God and your neighbor. Structured like a medieval "book of hours," the book presents several meditative texts daily for seven days, along with the author's own loving and perceptive comments. Learn more...

The Abandoned Car   by Stephanie Rosenbaum

A Sandy Connors Mystery

Book Cover

248 pages, softbound, 5 x 8 inches

In this second book of the Sandy Connors Mystery Series, Sandy is challenged to discover the reason a station wagon was abandoned on her street, and its possible connection to a missing child. A book for young adults, in the tradition of the Nancy Drew books. Learn more...

The Clue in the Old Ring  by Stephanie Rosenbaum

A Sandy Connors Mystery

Book Cover

204 pages, softbound, 5 x 8 inches

Twenty-one year old Sandy Connors is a very curious green-eyed blonde, whose fascination for mysteries takes her on some wild journeys. A book for young adults, in the tradition of the Nancy Drew books.
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Deke Interrupted  a novel by Ginna Gordon

Book Two in the Lavandula Series

Book Cover

284 pages, softbound, 5 x 7 inches
Illustrations by Dai Thomas

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Based on the fictional journals of Stefani Michel, Ginna Gordon’s Deke Interrupted continues her Lavandula Series: the saga of the Wymans, a Carmel Valley, California family who discover all kinds of new and/or puzzling things about each other every day.  Learn more   |   How to buy

Looking for John Steinbeck a novel by Ginna Gordon

Book One in the Lavandula Series

288 pages, softbound, 5 x 7 inches
Print edition has 32 miniature color illustrations
by Dai Thomas

Print and eBook
Set in Carmel Valley, California, in the 1960s, this is Book One in The Lavandula Series, based on the fictional journals of Stefani Michel.
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Inspiration for Living  by Judy Tatelbaum

Book Cover

212 pages, softbound, 5 x 7"

Print and eBook

Judy's classic book, The Courage to Grieve, has helped thousands of people through the grieving process, providing specific help to face pain and grief and to recover and grow from the experience. Her latest book, Inspiration for Life, is a collection of 100 two-page essays which originated as articles in her popular email newsletter. Written with honesty and compassion, this book is destined to be another classic in the field of grief.

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Wild Whispers  by Theo Maehr and Sonja Lokensgard

Book Cover

62 pages, softbound, 8.5 x 8.5 inches
32 full-page color illustrations

Whimsical poetry and radiant illustrations are combined in this book for children of all ages. It tells about the wise messages we can receive from the world around us if we are quiet enough to listen and hear. Learn more...

FOCUS  by Christi Koelker

Finding the Hidden Messages in Your Personal Photographs

Book Cover

210 pages, softbound, 6 x 9 inches
Dozens of color and b/w photos, illustrations, charts, tables

Your own snapshots—new or old—contain more than you might perceive at a casual glance. They're a moment of interaction between people, surroundings, and light itself, and are filled with intriguing clues and hints. With detailed examples, and dozens of charts and color illustrations, Christi Koelker will teach you the art of Snapshot Archeology. Learn more...

Sunny Mae & Bird - In Alaska  by Danny and Geebs

The first book in a read-aloud series about some very unusual friends

Book Cover

62 pages, softbound, 8.5 x 11 inches
Text by Ginna BB Gordon
49 full-page color illustrations by Dai Thomas

Sunny Mae is a hippo! She and Bird follow their noses to far away and unexpected places. They do new things, make friends, and sometimes eat cake. Dai Thomas and Ginna BB Gordon, have created a funny story in verse about true blue friendship. Learn more...      How to buy...

The Gingerbread Farm   by Ginna BB Gordon

Book Cover

320 pages, softbound, 6 x 9 inches
Illustrated, 160 Recipes    

Volume Two in Honey Baby Darlin', a memoir series about cooking, love, and the love of cooking. Surrounded by an array of loving characters, a young girl develops her understanding of food, the art of nurturing, and the kitchen.
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A Marriage Tip Book

By The Wise Ones of the Second Grade
Edited by Ginna BB Gordon and Nan E. Heflin

Marriage Tip Book

54 pages, softbound, 5 x 7 inches
25 color illustrations

Illustrated tips for a happy marriage, written and drawn by a class of second graders for their beloved school principal, and lovingly reproduced here. These thoughts on love and relationships are fresh and timeless, and the accompanying illustrations are ... priceless.
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